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Key to the City

This morning’s presentation to the Mississippi Municipal League’s Youth Summit in Oxford, Mississippi came with several significant honors. First, I spoke on the stage where Obama debated McCain last September. Second, Mayor Richard Howorth presented me with the key to city of Oxford. A rather small key, not like the one’s I’ve seen people get on TV, but an honor now matter how you turn it. And thirdly, afterward a woman told me she nearly committed suicide on Thursday night and was still considering…up until she heard me speak. I almost find that hard to believe, quite frankly, but how can one not feel blessed to be doing the right thing when someone confesses such?

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"I've known Paul for many years and have marveled at his determination,
tenacity, and willpower. He has a wonderful optimistic outlook and Drinking from My Leg is a must read for any athlete."
—Dave Scott, 6-time Ironman World Champion

"This is the perfect book for every triathlete. You'll laugh so loud and be so inspired that you won't even notice Paul just talked you into signing up for your first Ironman. It's pure comical motivation!"
—Chris McCormack, 2007 Hawaiian Ironman World Champion

"Since 1989 I've witnessed over 100,000 Ironman finishers. Paul's 1998 Ironman of raising his leg over his head after he finished is one of my top 10 Ironman memories of all time. Paul is a true Ironman not only at a finish line but in life."
—Mike Reilly, "The Voice of Ironman"

"Collectively, these true-life stories illuminate the actions of a man whose every challenge--whether overcome successfully or not--only seems to make him love life more. Fiercely energetic, humorous, well-written and wise, Drinking from My Leg is excellent reading—for both athletes and those who are not."
—Joan Schweighardt is the author of Gudrun's Tapestry and other novels

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